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Are you someone wants to rejuvenate your skin because old age ?

by Prod Solving on April 30, 2020

Are you someone who is suffering from acne scars or wants to rejuvenate your skin because old age has caused wrinkles to show?

And you had tried many therapies including anti-aging creams, moisturizers, and serums. But hardly any of them worked.

Then finally, you resorted to micro-needling that helped you achieve your goals of restructuring your skin tone.

But, do you know the process does not end here?

Yes, probably one-third of the work still remains, that is, the microneedling aftercare. So, this is what we are going to elaborate on today. So, keep reading as we are unfolding microneedling aftercare in much detail.

What is Microneedling?

What is Microneedling

It’s a process in which small light needles are rolled over the face for the treatment of acne scar, fine lines, wrinkles, or large pores.

Also knowns as Collagen Induction therapy, it wakes your skin up in such a way that your skin starts to repair itself.

In other words, microneedling is done to renew the texture and overall tone of your skin.

The device used for microneedling is either a Dermaroller or a SkinPen.

What Benefits Would You Get From Microneedling?

  • Treats Fine line and wrinkles
  • Improvement in skin damage due to sun exposure
  • Helpful in Melasma – discoloration of the skin
  • Rejuvenates your skin tone and texture
  • Tightening of pores for oily skins
  • Treats sunburns and hyperpigmentation

The skin improvement with microneedling can be observed in the following ‘Microneedling Before and After’ comparison.

The Microneedling Process

Microneedling Process

After you book an appointment with the concerned dermatologist or physician, it’s time you get your skin treated.

Microneedling takes about 2 hours to complete. It costs you anywhere between $160 t0 $300 for a one-time treatment.

The whole process will take 15-20 minutes and can be repeated after 30 days.

Preliminary Things before Microneedling

  • You should not be using any medicine that is used to treat acne, like products having Retin-A, or products that can boost the immune.
  • No exposure to the sun 24 hours prior to treatment.
  • Keep your face clean and free of makeup on the day of treatment.
  • If you are on some regular medicine, especially related to skin, inform your dermatologist before the treatment.
  • Make sure you have no infections or open wounds before the treatment.
  • Must not have any skin laser treatment in the week before microneedling.

Microneedling Aftercare Tips

Immediately after you are done with microneedling, you feel a little warm on your face. Redness or pink color may also appear, as the needles cause tiny bruises.

Now care needs to be taken, which, if not followed, will result in not getting the desired result or may even damage the skin – whether its microneedling aftercare at home or a clinic.

Taking care of your skin after microneedling is crucial to enhancing the results.

Dermatologist performing microneedling prescribes the following aftercare instructions:

1. Cleansing


In the first few days following the treatment, you need to use the microneedling aftercare products that are nourishing and hydrating.

For four hours after microneedling, do not wash your face; instead, cleanse it with some gentle moisturizing cleanser.

Don’t use makeup after microneedling, nor apply any brush on your face.

2. Avoid Direct Sun

Avoid Direct Sun

Since your pores are open due to micro holes, ultraviolet (UV) rays from sunlight can harm your skin severely. So, it’s recommended to avoid sunlight for 48 hours after the treatment altogether.

After 3-4 days, use broad-spectrum UVA sunscreen lotion or a mineral-based sunblock, as the skin is going to be more sensitive after micro-needling. So, sunblock should be a part of your microneedling aftercare kit.

Here, it’s pertinent to mention that you should make your habit of using a sunblock whenever you go in the sun, as the harmful rays of sunlight damage your facial skin badly.

3. Keep Your Skin Hydrated and Use Hyaluronic Serum

Keep Your Skin Hydrated and Use Hyaluronic Serum

Keep your skin hydrated, as its healing. Don’t use any skincare product except recommended by the concerned dermatologist. Usually, after the treatment, the doctors recommend a micro-needling aftercare serum, like Hyaluronic serum, to avoid excess flaking or peeling. It should be continued even after the treatment.

Also, make sure your hands are clean, and every tool you are using is clean and sterilized, if possible.

Also, keep drinking plenty of water and avoid things that cause dehydration like caffeine (coffee and tea) or alcohol.


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