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The Best Christmas Hacks! 2021

by Prod Solving on November 02, 2020
I hope that these Christmas Hacks will give you some great ideas for your holidays!
Making life easier and less stressful, so you can enjoy it more, is always on the top of my list.   🙂
Christmas hacks
I love Christmas and I love finding ways to spend more time with family and finding ways to enjoy our time.   I want our Children to remember that I enjoyed decorating cookies with them, wrapping gifts for them, and decorating the house simply because they loved it (as much as me!)
Finding little tricks & hacks make these things easier, so I can spend more time ENJOYING them (the tasks, the holidays and my family!).  Include your family in getting ready for Christmas (and packing up when it is over) and it becomes even more fun! :).  Today’s tips were found all over the internet and some contain affiliate links.  I hope that you find them helpful!   Enjoy!
Here are some Christmas Hacks You Will LOVE:
These Christmas hacks are going to give you MORE family time because this is the time of the season for focusing on our families.

Christmas Hacks - 10 great hacks to make you unstoppable!

1- Make a Box Fireplace.

make a fireplace out of boxesbrick paper. ⇓

2-Turn a scarf into a wreath:


3- Make a snowman on of your refrigerator.

Cut magnets out of magnetic sheets into the perfect shapes or use similar video here

4- Foil Boxes Turned Cookie Boxes

Use those empty foil boxes to give cookies to friends and family… Just paint them & add cookies!

5. Label your decorations for the following year!

Sometimes I include pictures or drawings of a particular setup, like the mantel or dining room table.
label decorations

6. Make your own Advent Calendar.

Using a muffin tin- just cut out circles from magnetic sheets to lay on top of them.   Each day your child gets a new treat!
A cupcake pan hanging with Christmas calendar decorations and surprises.

7- DIY wrapping paper holder.

Take an old toilet paper roll and cut a slit down the middle. Wrap it in foil (just to make it prettier).  Now it is a good ‘holder’ for your wrapping paper!
Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 1.17.22 PM

wrapping paper holder

8-  Make a tape Grab Tab.

Help yourself by making the tape easier to grab with this little trick.  Use your bread-clip to place on the edge of the tape.
tape clip DIY

9. Make An Envelope

If you don’t have an envelope, turn your LETTER into its own envelope! 

10.  Frosting Hack

Another great tip is this icing hack! Put your frosting into a container and use it to ice your cookies. 
Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 1.33.25 PM

Or skip the bottle & go right to the ice cream cone!
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